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EOB Concierge Service

 We invite you to participate in the EOB Concierge Service™.  Save time and hassle by having our service pull your HRA EOB's electronically and automatic

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Why Choose An HRA?

Over the last twenty years, employers have been faced with the dilemma of double-digit rate increases on health plans. Until now, their choices have been limited.

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Use Your Cell Phone!

You've asked and we've created!  You can now access the new, crisp and clean web portal in the palm of your hand by using your cell phone.

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Family Access

Create a login that can be used at any time by any member of your family with whom you decide to share.

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Member Benefits

Over the years employers have faced the dilemma of rate increases on the health plans they want to provide their members.  We help keep the cost down, while providing the same level of coverage.  Find out more.


Employer Assurance

Employers continue to find themselves under the pressure to provide top level coverage for their employees, insurance companies realize this so they charge continuously increasing rates. Find out how we can help.


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